green inspiration: the beauty of nature inside your home

Nature is the main inspiration behind AWANAY rugs. As you can read in our latest post about the inspiration behind our new line “South Atlantic”, nature is what truly inspires and stimulates the design of our product.

Not only does it inspire the layout of our rugs but nature also surrounds the whole production process of our product. They are all handmade in the heart of the Dry Forest (Santiago del Estero) and in the Highlands of La Puna (Salta/Jujuy) in Argentina. With lots of care, patience and determination, they are created by local families who are engulfed by nature. From the small sheep owners living deep inside the ‘monte’ to the hand-spinners and weavers, every step is community-made like it’s been for centuries; there are no mills involved in the making process whatsoever!

Also, most of our rugs are hand-dyed with plants and flowers from the area, this part of the production process is what makes the AWANAY rugs so special and unique. This is because as they are naturally hand-dyed, the rugs have a rich shade variation, as if they were hand-painted.

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Preparing natural color with a local plant (Jume) to hand-dye our rugs.


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All of our rugs are made with hand-spinners! This is what gives them their irregular texture and therefore what makes the naturally hand-dyed color have different varieties throughout the rug.
Hand weavers!
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Most of the local families we’re working with are shepherds.


Our whole philosophy stands by enjoying nature and bringing it inside our homes. Nature enhances our well being and it’s proven that we are natural beings as much as social beings and a regular interaction with nature is necessary for our psychological health.

This is why we love well-designed interiors that share this mind-set, merging nature with our home interiors. Here we found some inspiring examples:

Interiores plantas 4
Interiores plantas
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Interiores plantas 3
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Interiores plantas 2
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