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As I’ve briefly talked about in the past, my husband (Angel) and I have launched a new architecture studio: ÁBODE. The purpose behind it is to create spaces where people can thrive through the experimentation and fusion of modern architecture and nature. The core of our values stands by following biophilia and sustainability principles!

The concept of biophilia consists on the idea that there is a innate relationship and connection  between nature and humans. This is why by following this principle we are committed on designing spaces and items that connect people with nature.

Just as AWANAY’s values, the whole idea is to have a fulfilled lifestyle surrounded by spaces and objects that have meaning and substance, are well-designed and connect us with nature.

On this post I want to share the inspiration behind our projects, particularly our new home which we’re about to start building: CASA DELTA. 

RA2 - final render AEREO (feed size) 744 x 1024

There were two things we were sure of doing from the very start of the project: green roofs and black charred wood. These reflect the whole spirit of our project, a natural modern urban cabin.

Personally, green rooftops are aesthetic wonders, secret gardens no one knows about. I’m particularly fond of gardens in which one feels enclosed by the vegetation (not such a fan of lawn gardens at all!) I love the idea of creating spaces and experiences through the use of “wild” and local vegetation.

I don’t want to “go through the branches” (worst joke ever) but I can remember my first encounter with a green rooftop quite clearly. I was studying in Philadelphia by that time as an exchange student at Wharton University. During my stay I visited a friend from Egypt who was renting a room at an old Victorian house, which I recall belonged to an artist. I remember she showed me the way up to this amazing rooftop filled with wild flowers and a little table in the middle of it. From up there one could enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of thousands of Victorian houses around the area and Philadelphia’s breath-taking skyline in the horizon. In that moment, I promised my younger self I would have one of those one day.

Getting back to the purpose of this post, I wanted to share with you some green roofs that inspired our project:

green roof 2green roof 3green roof 1green roof 4green roof 5

Black charred wood is also another feature we agreed on with Angel from day one!

We will use a traditional Japanese technique that’s currently very popular around the world: shou sugi ban. In a nutshell, this method consists on burning the wood, instead of painting it. This has great benefits such as requiring cero maintenance, preserving the wood for 100 years, having no chemicals involved in the process whatsoever and looking absolutely gorgeous!

Here are some references of charred wood cabins that also inspired our project:

black wood 3black wood via dezeen 2black wood via dezeenblack wood via Pinterest

Overall, as well as with AWANAY’s products, our philosophy stands by merging nature with organic, modern and well-designed spaces and objects.


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