art inspiration: bringing nature inside

*The following post is written by Catherine Dodd, our newest member at AWANAY!

There are multiple definitions of what art is. One could even say everyone has their own subjective and personal perception of what it is. It might be defined as a form of personal expression through a alternative creative technique.  It could also be interpreted purely as an aesthetic or even as a political and ideological statement.

Even so, art can be understood as a universal language. A language that’s not written or spoken, it is felt. This broader interpretation also suggests that art surrounds us on our daily basis even though one might not perceive it: it’s in the buildings we walk by everyday, it’s in the design of daily objects we use, in the streets and most importantly: in nature.

As we have talked about in a previous post,  AWANAY’s values stand be surrounding ourselves with nature – it inspires the design of our products and it surrounds their whole production process-. This is why we firmly believe in creating environments in which we coexist with nature as one.

A way in which we can bring nature inside our homes and incorporate it even more so in our surroundings, is by art. Throughout all of the fine arts history, from artists like Cézanne, Van Gogh and  Monet, nature has been one of the main sources of inspiration. Now a days, although the style employed may not be quite the same, this is still the case.

Just as with AWANAY’s style, we are inspired by art that merges itself with the environment and that’s modern, simple yet classy.  Here are some examples of current artists we really admire:

Inés Longevial 


Angela McKay 


Kit Agar


There are infinite benefits of surrounding ourselves with artworks. Certain studies suggest embracing art encourages creative thinking, it physically produces the same effects as when one feels happy, its relieves stress,  has relaxing effects and it induces reflection and self -awareness.

Another artistic, more explicit way of bringing the awe of nature in our homes is with hanging plant pressed glass frames. Here are some beautiful examples:




There are quite easy to make, so the best part is you can learn how to make one yourself! We’ll help you out with a short DYI tutorial that will get you started.

Summing up, one might say, we can find art in nature as well as nature in art.  That’s why we believe its important to search for the art of nature by enjoying the outsides and also bring nature inside through the wonder of art.






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