christmas season: gift wrapping!

Christmas is just around the corner! With only a couple of days to go we thought it would be a great idea to show you examples of some gift wraps we absolutely love. These inspire us on the wrapping of our own products as we will show later on!

If you read some of our latest posts you probably already know that at AWANAY we fondly believe in the importance of merging and coexisting with nature on our daily living. This is due to the fact that the design and layout of our products is inspired by nature and also because they are all hand-made following a natural and organic production process!

This is why we aim for gift wrappings that respect this idea as well: using parts of the nature that surrounds us on our presents.  Here are some gorgeous examples:




Not only do these gift wraps use nature (plants, flowers, leaves etc.) but also they use fabric and not paper as wrapping material. This looks beautiful aesthetically but it’s also environmentally sustainable. The perfect combination! An alternative that’s also more eco-friendly that normal wrapping paper is brown/kraft paper that also looks very nice.



All of these ideas are applied to the wrapping of our own products! These look like this:



This Christmas we thrive for a peaceful holiday filled with joy and in harmony with everything that surrounds us: our loved ones, nature and the environment.






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