2018: the importance of being grateful

We’ve been thinking a lot these last past weeks about where are we heading for 2019, what are our new ambitious, goals, new performance standards, what new markets we can develop in, how we can grow as a globalised social business and so on…

Although this is key for any company to thrive it puts emphasis on the next step, always thinking on future steps and kind of makes you feel it’s never enough (at least it makes me feel that way)

We had a wonderful year of growth and learning and yet all we can think of are the future plans for 2019. So instead of thinking of new year resolutions we just want to take a moment to say thank you and actually feel and embody this gratitude.

It happens very often, VERY OFTEN, that the bad things or thoughts leave us shaking in fear, sadness, it’s a deep feeling of unease, a hole in your stomach, a punch in the face, it gets very physical for some people. These negativity doesn’t even need to be a life / death situation to generate this deep reaction. However, when good stuff happens, we don’t act or feel the positiveness with the same intensity as we feel the negative. Can you relate with this? We kinda take it for granted.

So today we want to start cultivating a deep sense of joy and gratitude, but actually feeling it physically. Pretty much like a child does. Why does one lose that innocence with the years?! I can still remember this feeling us a child, can you?

We are beyond grateful for our families and for Iris (my daughter) coming to our lives. She’s a little miracle. We are beyond grateful for life putting in our way the families of weavers we work with. We can’t be prouder of them, they are for sure blessings in our life. Each year we deepen our personal bond with them as we grow together in work and life.

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We are beyond grateful for being healthy, safe, to have all the tools at our disposition to make what we want out of life. To have a meaningful job, a job that matters and that we think contributes to making this world a better place.

Thanks so much for reading and we hope you have many things in your life to be grateful for!

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