movie interior designs: our top 5 picks


This post is specially for all of our readers who are movie-lovers ♡ As movie buffs ourselves, we are super hyped about award season coming up soon and this got us thinking about our favourite movie interior designs! 

We are dazzled by laid-back, relaxed, homey yet stylish interiors with beautiful aesthetics. Here’s our edit. All must-see for anyone looking for home-deco inspiration!

It’s Complicated (2009) by Nancy Meyers

A perfect relaxed California house! With a neutral color palette and subtle coral and soft tone touches, this home has the ideal romantic-styled interiors.

its complicated 2
its complicated 1

Awanay’s plain and textured rugs, in neutral tones, would match perfectly with these interiors!

The Holiday (2006) by Nancy Meyers 

With a more modern essence, this neutral L.A home tends to a darker color palette dominated by grey. With a Tuscan style, we love these spacey, clean and cohesive interiors.

the holiday 3
the holiday 5

We feel this contemporary aesthetic would go flawlessly with Awanay’s plain rugs!

Call me by your name (2017) by Luca Guadagnino

This beautiful Italian house is inspiring in so many ways! With a very eclectic style and diverse colours, it’s filled with antiques, books, art, instruments and history. There are so many details everywhere you look at! Spending a summer here would be an absolute dream.

©Sony Pictures Classics/courtesy Everett Collection
vía Pinterest

Something’s Gotta Give (2003) by Nancy Meyers 

This classic beach-house in the Hamptons is just amazing! It looks so cozy and comfy and yet it’s so classy and elegant. It has a very clean, sophisticated and defined aesthetic. We are loving the striped blue and white rug by the way!


Awanay’s new rug collection: South Atlantic has the ideal striped and plain rugs for these kind of beach styled interiors!

The Intern (2015) by Nancy Meyers

Our last pick: this stylish, modern and youthful apartment in New York! Everything about the kitchen is perfect. All of the interiors combine rustic and modern elements  with a more classical architecture, making it aesthetically beautiful!

vía Pinterest
vía Pinterest

And obviously,  Jules stunning office with those lovely rugs!

vía Pinterest
vía Pinterest

So, those were our favourite 5 movie interior designs! Could you think of any else? Share them with us below ♡


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