hygge: the art of cosiness

It’s quite hard to define what is it we talk about when referring to HYGGE. To start of, it’s a Danish term that could be defined in many ways, using different words like cosyness, intimacy, warmth, soothing, calm, secure, and much much more.  This is because when speaking about this noteworthy way of living we’re not talking about things: hygge is an experience, an aura, an ambience that creates a feeling of home.

There are several ways to create a hygge atmosphere. This is why, we picked out 9 ways in which anyone of you can bring a bit of hygge into your homes.

  1. HYGGE LIGHTING. It’s quite important to have light that irradiates warmth. This can be done by using candles. Not only do they irradiate a beautiful light but also if scented, will fill up your home with an aromatic and relaxing scent.


Anyway, a correct lighting does not only come from candles but also from lamps. The overall rule is that the lower the temperature of the light, the better! Moreover, it’s better to use small lamps around the area than one big lamp covering all of it. These features will create a more tranquil and pleasant atmosphere.



2. A COMFY NEST.  Create a soft and homey space where you can cuddle up and snuggle with a warm blanket and lie on fluffy pillows. This space could be ideally besides a window but not necessarily! It can be anywhere in your house where you’d prefer to relax, read a book or have a drink, forgetting about the worries of the past or the anxieties of the future… where you feel safe living the present moment.

3. BLANKETS AND PILLOWS. The two ultimate comforters! Blankets will give you a sense of safeness and homeyness, letting your mind and body fully relax. Whilst mushy pillows will hold your head and allow your body to forget your daily struggles and stress.

At AWANAY we created a Hygge Lifestyle selection filled with pillows and blankets ideal for creating a soothing home. Being handmade with 100% pure llama wool gives them an ultimate smooth and soft touch.


4.  NATURAL ELEMENTS. Bring outside elements and fill your house with organic and natural materials! Wood flooring, tables or chairs; leaves, plants and flowers; leather and wool. All of these will make you feel closer to nature and therefore will make you unwind and loosen up with ease.

vía Pinterest

5. SOFT TEXTURES. As we have already mentioned hygge is not necessarily something you see but something you feel. This is why it’s fundamental to fill up your home with elements that feel good to touch.  It’s definitely not the same to be in contact with pieces made up of plastic, steel or glass that those made up from wool, cashmere, linen, wood, ceramic or leather.


6. BOOKS. Taking a break by reading a book is the most simple and noble way to free our minds from our reality and preoccupations. This is why having a library filled with your favourite books will enrich your home with a soulful depth.

vía Pinterest

7. HOT DRINKS. Holding a warm cup between your hand whilst reading a book, watching a movie o simply looking out window will definitely add up a feeling of homeyness. It can either be tea, coffee or a delicious hot chocolate with cream!



8. WARM AND COMFY CLOTHES. Use loose and casual clothing that will make you feel pleasant and relaxed. This doesn’t necessarily mean sloppy! The Danish are masters of combining stylish and casual clothing. Use warm and soft textiles like cashmere, wool or linen! Plus warms socks!

9. YUMMY FOOD. An almond cake or a warm sweet cinnamon pastry would be the ultimate feature of a hygge moment. Nonetheless any natural and freshly baked food will fill your heart and soul with warmth! Here are some of our favourite recipes.

Pumpkin Soup with Orange and Parmiggiano-Reggiano
Sliced Baked Potato with Rosemary and Gruyere
Norwegian Apple Cake

Besides our Hygge Lifestyle Selection filled with comfy pillows and blankets, we thought about which of our AWANAY rugs would be the ideal ones for a cosy home. We came up with the following:

Foto 28-12-18 17 18 17

Their natural and soft materials like sheep wool or lama will definitely fill your home with warmth and intimacy ♡


  • The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish way of Living by Meik Wiking






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