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On our last post we mentioned how much we adored the use of oversized houseplants on Emily Henderson’s interior designs. If anyone else happened to love it too, we have amazing news for you! On this post we’ll recommend our favourite 5 houseplants that anyone may incorporate easily into their homes.

We’ll also suggest special care tips given to us by plant experts: POTIT. They are an argentine-based brand making unique plant terrariums, gorgeous pots, and stunning oversized plants!


At AWANAY we have quite a special bond with nature. To start of, it’s our most relevant and consistent inspiration.  Apart from influencing the design of our rugs, it also plays an important part in the their handmade production process. As you might already know, all of our products are completely handmade. Therefore, most of our coloured rugs are hand-dyed with authentic plants, flowers and natural elements found in northern Argentina’s remote nature. This is why be thoroughly believe in bringing nature closer to us and encourage interiors that do so by incorporating houseplants in them!






There are loads of perks of having plants inside your home. These go from purely visual & aesthetic reasons to others regarding overall well-being and health.


Plants will bring life into your home, they will add colour, texture and depth. If needed, they may also be useful for delimiting spaces within an interior. Besides, filling your home up with plants will bring you closer to nature. We can all agree that the ideal way to surround ourselves with nature is by simply spending loads of time outside. But the harsh facts are that due to our busy & hurried schedules we don’t really make spending time within nature a day-to-day priority. This is why bringing a bit of nature inside your home and bringing it closer is never a bad idea!

A very detailed NASA study has shown that houseplants will clean up the the air inside your home by removing 87% of air toxins within 24 hours. Others studies have also shown that houseplants create a calm and relaxed environment, increasing productivity and optimism.

With all of that said, let’s begin the journey through our 5 chosen houseplants!



For major jungle vibes it’s hard to go wrong with a MONSTERA DELICIOSA plant! It’s authentic, extravagant and tropical. The best part it is, although it looks as if it requieres lots of time and dedication, it’s quite simple to take care of.

Following the tips suggested by POTIT the most important thing to consider is the sunlight. Since it requieres lots of it, it’s recommended to keep them on naturally illuminated interiors or exteriors with no direct sunlight.

Furthermore, the irrigation should be moderate and spaced out, specially during winter months. The soil should dry up before pouring more water into it. Also, the plant will be very grateful if irrigated with rain water. Lastly, it’s also suggested to spray water on them as to increase their humidity.

The substrate of the plant, the surface in which the plant lives, should be airy and allow the water to drain correctly. Adding compost to the soil or even hummus every 4 months will provide essential nutrients that over time will make the plant stronger!


The OLIVE TREE is definitely one of our favourite plants to have inside. It’s calm, serene and adds some definite Tuscany vibes. But the bad news is, although they look absolutely gorgeous, they do not thrive indoors. The harsh fact is that they need complete and direct sunlight. That said, they can be kept indoors for a period of time. Sources state the olive tree can live up to 8 to 9 years in large pot but only if it’s fully exposed to sunlight at least 6 hours per day.  If you’re up for the challenge, it’ll be utterly worth it!


strelitzia nicolai

The beautiful STRELITZIA NICOLAI is the ultimate houseplant. Tropical yet elegant and refined. It will lift up any space by adding style and taste. Following POTIT‘s suggestions it’s the ideal interior plant since it requieres little care and it’s very resistant. It needs moderate water if kept inside, that is, only when the soil has dried up! Keep in mind, whilst the plant is kept indoors, it will not blossom. Also, do not freak out if it lateral cuts appear on it’s leaves, it’s quite normal and it’s definitely not sick.



The FICUS ELASTICA, also known as the RUBBER TREE, is an outstanding houseplant. Dark, strong and stiff. It’s a stunning plant for a modern, minimal and sophisticated interior. According to POTIT, it may grow huge outside on plain soil but it looks beautiful on a pot. It’s strong, resistant and quite easy to take care of. It requieres moderate water, this particular plant prefers being slightly drier that soaked up. Also, it’s very beneficial for aesthetic purposes to prune the plant every now and then. This will make the leaves branch out, forming a structural shape that looks fantastic in any interior!


And lastly, the queen of houseplants, the FIDDLE-LEAF FIG TREE. Destined to slightly more eclectic-styled interiors, this plant will add extra texture and depth to any space!

Keep in mind this plant does demand special care, dedication and time. But just take a look at it, those breath-taking leaves make it 100% worth it! As stated by POTIT, you should start by placing it in an interior with loads of natural sun light. This beauty demands lots of it hence it’s best to place it near a window. Watering should be very moderate, it’s a plant that tends to having fungi so it’s better letting it dry up than soaking it wet. You may also add nutrients to the plants substrate by adding compost. Lastly, a very special and unique tip!  It’s suggested to clean it’s leaves with milk or beer (yes, you’re reading correctly) to maintain their natural glow.


To finish off, POTIT gave us some special general care tips that apply to every indoor plant.

To keep your plants alive the main thing you should keep in mind is the watering. People usually over-irrigate their plants and that’s the biggest mistake! It’s quite difficult to determine how much water each plant needs, since that depends on the amount of sunlight it’s exposed to. The basic rules are:




Bare in mind the change of seasons. During summer the soil will dry faster thus the watering should be more reiterative. On the other hand, during winter/autumn or even in humid days the soil will take longer to dry, therefore the watering should be more spaced out. You should also bare in mind the fluctuation in the amount of sunlight during the different seasons.

So, in general terms, taking in consideration the last mentioned elements, during the coldest months (consider the heating in your homes) the plants should be watered every 5 to 6 days. The most important aspect you should check before watering it, is if the top layer of the substrate is dry in between irrigations.

QUICK TIP! Put your finger (or a wooden sushi stick) 5cm below the surface. If it comes out dry, it’s okay to water it again! 

Also, try to use rain water, if not able, let the tab water rest for about 12 hours before watering the plant. To add humidity, spray water to your plant or use humidifiers. Keep them away from air conditioners or heaters and use pots with legs that elevate the plant from the floor (like the ones below made by POTIT) Specially if your heaters are radiant slabs!


You can read POTIT’s full article about the general care of indoor plants on their blog post! (spanish readers only)

Share with us your thoughts on these house plants! Which one do you like best? Do you have any other houseplant recommendations? Comment below ♡


Awanay and Nature: own photos or vía Pinterest | Benefits of Houseplants: photo by GramFratesiMonstera Deliciosa: vía Domino | Olive Tree: vía Pinterest (lower image styled by Emily Henderson) | Strelitzia Nicolai vía Pinterest | Rubber Plant: vía Pinterest | Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree: vía Pinterest | How to Keep your Plants Alive: vía POTIT |

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