color story | toasted – browns

AWANAY’s new color story section will be dedicated to different palettes of color that inspire and stimulate us! Although of course our main inspiration is undoubtedly nature we also get influences for our design and aesthetics from many other elements. From textiles to interior designs, furniture, fashion, arts, photography and books. That’s why we thought it would be adorable to create moodboards with all of these in a chosen palette.

With Autumn’s arrival and the cozy feeling of colder temperatures, (at least for us in the south!) warm, brownish toasted colours are on the top of our picks right now! From muted to creamy or reddish, we’re adoring all of them!








moodboard8Are you loving these toasted brown palettes as well?!

Suggest others for our next color story below ♡


Images from @hello_artists, @houseofgreylondon, @somewhereiwouldliketolive

Second chair from top by @tallernumerosprimos

All rugs are AWANAY!



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